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Interactive Impact Report Proposal


We help tell your story.


Our goal is to partner with your organization to engage potential and current donors and key stakeholders in providing strategic content solutions that educate and empower.

Anthony and Shanniska,

As you may know, multimedia production is a creative marketing and communications strategy that integrates video, audio, images, graphics, animation, and text into an interactive information presentation that is accessible to your audience across multiple platforms. 

However, multimedia production in itself is merely a method. The content must be compelling, relatable, and informative to effectively attract and engage your audience to prompt a course of action. Our team creates such content through visual storytelling and solution-based content strategy to produce a resounding brand message.

Visual storytelling is a proven approach that can help your organization promote its mission to beneficiaries, stakeholders, and donors who want to receive its provisions, support your operations, and help further its growth. Our goal is to help your organization maximize its investment by transforming its mission to strategic solutions that best serve its alliances. 

Our team develops our storytelling strategy by learning and understanding your organization’s purpose, objectives, needs, and pain points to create multimedia content that exemplifies its services or programs to help achieve its goals. 

Our experience in and passion for visual storytelling and content strategy have endowed us to be creative, strategic, and resourceful in producing impactful content that educates your audience on your organization’s relevance and importance in serving individuals or communities in need.


The Interactive Impact Report is a marketing tool that showcases the organization’s annual performance to key stakeholders, donors, and sponsors, highlighting funding allocation, new and ongoing programs, and key statistics of each program’s performance.

Target Audience

Current and potential donors

Pain Points


Needs an organized data collection system to support reporting.


Spends too much time writing the impact report.


Lacks a cohesive layout to create an impressive presentation.



Saves time in creating the impact report.


Creates a professional, aesthetic look.


Increases audience engagement due to interactive design.


The Interactive Impact Report will feature your unique story and mission in the following segments:


PROGRAM - features your organization's vision and X-factors.


PEOPLE - highlights your organization's strategic partners, donors, key stakeholders, and beneficiaries to show their impact.


PROCESS - shows how your organization works with donors, key stakeholders, and program directors to develop and implement programs that benefit the community.


McKinley Davis and Maxmedia Studios will discuss key elements that should appear in the report, create the layout, and combine multimedia components (e.g., video, graphics, text, and audio) to create the interactive report.

Your Investment

The following information includes the contents and cost of the Interactive Impact Report. 

The Interactive Impact Report features:

  • mobile + desktop access
  • animated data and video content
  • professional copywriting and editing
  • PDF companion document – up to 5 pages professionally designed ($275 per page for 6 or more pages)

Total Investment = $2,999