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Virtual Outreach Service

% of talent professionals agree virtual recruiting will continue post-COVID

% of organizations report the same or more attendance than an in-person event

% of marketers say audience engagement is the biggest success factor for virtual events

The Virtual Outreach Service helps you reach a larger audience and keep them captivated.

The Problem

Pain Points

Most video platforms have the following shortcomings:


Limited reach of the target audience


Limited platform functions to keep the audience engaged using video, music, graphics


Poor, spotty internet connections


No content creator control over production quality


Lack of social media interaction

The Solution


The Virtual Outreach Service empowers your team to:


Attract a broader audience using multiple platforms


Provide access to digital platforms for rebroadcasting


Build brand awareness


Reduce carbon footprint


Drive DE&I goals

The Features


The Virtual Outreach Service features:


Broadcast television style and execution


Simultaneous live streaming or recording on multiple platforms


Real-time audience engagement through social media during the broadcast


Custom branding

Screen shots

#1: Full screenshot of the host, a lower third, overlays, and a crawl.

#2: Double-box of the host, a guest, a custom background, and a crawl.

#3: Small single box of the host, a full-size graphic, and a lower third.

#4: Audience interaction (e.g., questions, comments) through social media.

#5: Intro Graphic / Video / Video Montage

#6: Intro Graphic / Video / Video Montage

Other Features

The Virtual Outreach Service also includes:


Virtual Green Room - where the guests wait in the "background" to speak


Countdown Timer - alerts the audience of the pending start time


Music - sets the tone for the event, keeps the audience engaged while waiting for the event to start

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