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Impact Professional Group

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CEO Statement


Impact Professional Group (IPG) has approved the renewal of the Content Creation Project to produce collateral that will support its business development initiatives and objectives. The content includes essential collateral (e.g., templates, pitch decks) and documents (e.g., correspondence, “leave-behinds,” agreements) that will help:

• Create consistent brand identity and messaging
• Support prospecting, engagement, closing, and onboarding strategies

The scope of work for the Content Creation Project includes creating business development content as determined by IPG, Maxmedia Studios, and McKinley Davis. Maxmedia Studios and McKinley Davis (hereinafter “Trade Partner”) will be responsible for developing and filing the content.

IPG agrees to provide the Trade Partner access to all design platforms and cloud or file storage accounts, including IPG’s website, Canva, and social media to develop, enhance, and store images, templates, graphics, documents, and collateral. Specific deliverables and milestones will be listed in the Work Requirements and Schedules and Milestones sections of this SOW.

If IPG requests any changes in the scope of work, it agrees to submit the request in writing. The Trade Partner will provide IPG an itemized list of each service, applicable cost(s), and projected timeline(s) for IPG’s approval before starting the work. Conversely, if the Trade Partner identifies a design element or project phase that requires any changes, it will submit the request as follows:

  • Description of the change
  • Rationale for the change
  • Impact on the project
  • Expected completion
IPG will review the proposed change and submit either its approval or rejection via email. If approved, IPG and the Trade Partner will mutually agree upon any charges for such change(s), if applicable, for which the Trade Partner will submit an invoice.


Each component created will be submitted to IPG for review and approval before its usage and distribution. In addition, each project phase will require approval from IPG before moving on to the next stage.

The performance period is six months, beginning on July 12, 2021, and ending on January 14, 2022. All work must be scheduled to complete within this timeframe. If there are any modifications, delays, or extensions in the project, IPG and the Trade Partner will review and discuss the service requests, projected timelines, and related costs.

Upon completion of this Performance Period, IPG and the Trade Partner will have the option to renew this agreement for an additional number of months. In addition, the Trade Partner will create a new Statement of Work outlining any new or continuing services.

The Trade Partner will perform the work at its respective offices. The Trade Partner and IPG will meet virtually or in person at IPG’s office for project status meetings as needed. IPG will arrange for the meeting space. The Trade Partner will provide teleconference information for virtual meetings.

The services provided are designed to create content supporting IPG’s business development initiatives and objectives and operations as discussed between and agreed upon by IPG and the Trade Partner. Therefore, any requests for content outside the scope of work (e.g., media kit, press releases) is considered an add-on and, depending on the content item, is either a one-time or ongoing expense.

The Trade Partner will be responsible for performing the following tasks throughout the stages of the project to ensure a timely and successful completion:

Content Creation:

This phase involves developing multimedia and marketing content.

  • The Trade Partner will obtain IPG’s accounts information to retrieve existing content for revision.
  • The Trade Partner will update existing templates, documents, and collateral.
  • The Trade Partner will design graphics and write copy for email campaigns, pitch decks, and leave-behinds.

Content Management:

This phase involves developing content for social media and email marketing and managing IPG’s asset library.

  • The Trade Partner will add new and enhanced content to IPG’s asset library.
  • The Trade Partner will create graphics and write copy for social media posts to maintain an active digital presence.


Fee Schedule

The following is a payment summary for the Content Creation Project.
IPG agrees to pay the Trade Partner $3,500 per month until the completion of the project.


Templates Creation & Redesign (External)
Design and development of correspondence, pitch decks, and other communication and marketing assets for prospects and clients.


Templates and Documents Creation & Redesign (Internal)
Design and development of communication assets to support operations.


Email Marketing
Setup, post creation, and management
(up to 4 posts per month @ $125 per post)


Social Media Content Creation & Management
Content design and posting (1 platform)
(up to 4 posts per month @ $125 per post)

TOTAL (for 6 months) $21,000

The Trade Partner will set up payment via PayPal as recurring installments until the end of the performance period. IPG agrees it will reimburse the Trade Partner for any out-of-pocket expenses for products or services approved by IPG required to support the completion and management of the project beyond the performance period but are not included in the SOW or fee schedule. The Trade Partner will submit the itemized expenses in a separate invoice.


The Content Creation Project is a solution designed to streamline the process of helping you develop new business and stay top of mind in your industry. We provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed to ensure the level of service exceeds your expectations.

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