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2020 Year End Report

MVWBE Participation

Leveraging our Community Impact Network, MVWBE participation for Atrium Health capital improvement projects was 30% in 2020!

% Target Participation

% Actual Participation

Active Projects

New Contracts Awarded

TIER 1 – YTD 2020

Total Spend = $242.1M
Diverse Spend = $75.5M

TIER 2 & 3 – YTD 2020

Diverse Spend = $32.8M


CEO Statement

The year 2020 launched a new decade of cultural growth and a commitment to diversity and inclusion at Atrium Health. Despite the emergence of a global pandemic and its devastating effects on people, families, and businesses, the year still provided a viable opportunity to redefine and rebuild the foundation for hope in the Charlotte community.   

Impact Professional Group (IPG) started the year by addressing the results of a 2019 market assessment of minority business enterprises (MBEs) in the Charlotte market. IPG focused not only on the number of MBEs but their ability to meet the demand for highly skilled and experienced companies that can perform in complex construction systems. 

Though Charlotte has more than six hundred MBE and construction-related companies, we discovered many operate as small businesses, completing less complex projects for schools, churches, and small commercial and residential properties. Most notably out of all the companies we interviewed only 2% had some healthcare experience and less than 1% had acute hospital experience. Of those, we found four viable local companies with the ability to bond Tier 1 projects at or above $10M and annually sustain an adequate workforce required to meet project demands. 

These results were alarming and clear indicators the market would struggle with Tier 1 participation while Tiers 2 and 3 would require additional training, resources, and focus to address the lack of experience due to limited opportunities and access to capital.  

IPG also recognized that traditional outreach, social, and marketing programs would be insufficient for the Charlotte market. Therefore, we implemented a focused approach to work directly with MBE Trade Partners, offering them one-on-one coaching in responding to bids and RFPs, participating in interviews as well as other procurement processes that would increase their ability to be awarded contracts. In addition, we worked closely with our majority Prime Partners to guide acceptable Tier 1, 2, and 3 minority participation. 

As your partner, IPG is unwavering in our commitment to empowering every company to succeed and create business opportunities that foster economic growth in every community we serve. We make the greatest impact in strengthening minority businesses by removing historical barriers, increasing their industry value, and providing access to major capital improvement projects.  

I’m proud of how our partnership has helped Minority, Veteran, and Women Business Enterprises (MVWBEs) increase their performance capacity to participate in capital improvement projects. As of December 31, 2020, we delivered 31% participation with 78 contracts awarded to first-time recipients of Atrium contracts on more than 52 projects, surpassing our expectation of 15% in the inaugural year of our Diversity/Community Impact Program in the Charlotte market. These results are a prime example of how such initiatives can be achieved through focused and intentional collaboration.  

Partnering with nationally ranked healthcare systems provides IPG the unique opportunity and challenge to demonstrate our support of small businesses and expertise in building strong supplier diversity networks. We built a strong foundation in 2020. If more healthcare systems commit to being servant leaders that are patient-focused and diversity-driven, there is no limit to what we can achieve together.

Don Lee

Key Projects

IPG is involved in every step of the way, starting with the review of all bid tabs and ending with the selection of trade partners

Union West

Brasfield & Gorrie
Marand Builders

Contract Award: $84,460,990
Commitment: 30%
Status: In progress

Birkdale Landing

McFarland Construction
Vannoy Construction

Contract Award: $4M
Commitment: 30%
Status: In pre-construction


Messer Construction

Contract Award: $22,023,800
Commitment: 25%
Status: In progress


Rodgers Builders

Contract Award: $131,357,669
Commitment: 30%
Status: In progress

CMC Main

DPR Rodgers Builders Alliance

Contract Award: $800M
Commitment: 30%
Status: In progress

Charlotte Replacement Facility

DPR Rodgers Builders Alliance

Contract Award: $81.6M
Commitment: 30%
Status: In pre-construction

Certified Trade Partner MAP

In 2020, IPG successfully helped 78 trade partners work on Atrium Health capital improvement projects.

How to use this map:
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Success Stories

Featured trade partners we’ve helped.

trade-partner-logo-marand“Don has been a great addition to Atrium’s initiative to promote the increase of opportunities for minority-owned companies.
He’s not only a mentor but also brings clarity to Atrium’s expectations. In addition, IPG holds the GCs and trade partners accountable to the true intent of the program which has the goal of the betterment of the Charlotte community.”
— Francisco Alvarado, Marand Builders, Inc.

Community Service

The IPG Team successfully helped with or sponsored several outreach events during 2020.

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Download the full report to see how we have positively impacted the Charlotte community.