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“Our goal is to partner with your organization in its mission to provide highly efficient hauling and waste removal services to your clients.”


As you may know, video has become a prevalent and effective medium that companies use to promote their products or services to their respective target audiences.

However, video itself is merely a tool. Its content must be compelling, relatable, and informative to effectively attract and engage audiences to prompt a course of action. Our team creates such messaging through visual storytelling and solution-based content strategy.

Visual storytelling is a proven approach that can help your organization promote and position itself as a preferred provider of waste management solutions that supplies highly efficient hauling and waste removal services to construction companies. Our goal is to help your company maximize its investment by transforming it from a reputable trade partner in the Southeast to becoming the premier logistics and waste management company in the U.S.

Our experience as visual storytellers and content strategists has endowed us with being creative and resourceful in producing content that educates construction companies on the importance of maintaining a clean, safe, and sanitary environment. 

Our team develops our storytelling strategy by learning and understanding your organization’s mission, its objectives, needs, pain points, and those of your clients to create a promotional video that exemplifies your brand, purpose, and value.


The DIVA Dumps Promotional Video is a marketing tool that showcases the company’s mission to provide highly efficient hauling and waste removal service experiences to its clients.


To create a video profile that illustrates DIVA Dumps’ services, value, and impact.

Target Audience

Large national construction companies

Pain Point


The perception of being a “minority firm” from a client’s mindset.



Establishes DIVA Dumps as a reputable waste management solutions provider throughout the Southeast and the U.S.


Highlights DIVA Dumps’ efficient system in performing best practices and maintaining compliance in its hauling and sanitation services


Increases visibility of DIVA Dumps to prospective national companies.



Creates a consistent message.


Saves time in sharing the message.


Expands the audience reach using digital platforms.


The video will feature the DIVA Dumps story and mission in the following segments:


PROGRAM - features DIVA Dumps’ vision and X-factors.


PEOPLE - highlights DIVA Dumps’ clients to show its value and impact.


PROCESS - shows how DIVA Dumps supports construction companies in maintaining a clean, safe, and sanitary environment.


McKinley Davis and Maxmedia Studios will conduct pre-production team meetings to discuss the logistics for production (e.g., locations, videography, sound, and post-production (e.g., editing, color correction, sound sweetening) to create an efficient, timely workflow for the video. We will also communicate with DIVA Dumps to determine interview subjects, production schedules, and deliverables deadlines.

Your Investment

The following information includes the contents and cost of the promotional video. We also offer standard video packages to help build your brand identity. In addition, we can customize the packages to include additional videos to showcase further DIVA Dumps’ services, partnerships, and projects to increase brand awareness.


The DIVA Dumps promotional video includes:

  • Scriptwriting, location scouting, production scheduling, videography, audio/video editing, 2D animation, graphics, and music
  • Up to two interviews
  • Up to three Charlotte-area locations for B-roll (non-event)
  • Up to three minutes in duration

Total Investment = $4,100

Note: We are happy to divide this into 4 monthly payments of $1025.

Optional Add-ons:

  • Drone Videography – $199
  • Event Filming – $199 for the first hour, $125 for each additional hour
  • Additional Live Action Interview Filming – $499

Video Examples

“I was dancing while watching! You nailed it with believability. UE purpose, mission, solutions, and the UE approach, which sounded trustworthy and deliberative! Thank you.”
— Gwen Jackson, Founder & Principal Consultant, Urbane Environments, 
commenting on her company’s video profile produced by M2Media Solutions