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2021 DE&I Annual Report

Video Concept

We help tell your story.


  • Show the impact of Crescent Communities’ DE&I initiatives from the C-Suite to C-Street
    (i.e., Community).
  • How have the initiatives affected Crescent Communities’ leadership, partner organizations, and community members?
  • How much sweat equity does/did Crescent Communities invest in the communities it develops?

Shooting Style

  • Documentary
  • Narrative-driven


Truth and Transparency – “Do What’s Right”

Duration: 1:30 to 2 minutes

Suggested Interviews

  • Brian Natwick, CEO
  • Tracy Chambers, Chief People Officer
  • Latondra Riley, Recruiting Committee Leader
  • Aldo Muccia, Learnings & Conversation Committee Leader
  • 1-2 Crescent Communities DE&I session participants
  • 1-2 Community Stakeholders
  • 1-2 Community Residents
  • Faison, Executive Sponsor, Project Destined
  • 2 HBCU, People Of Color (POC) interns


  • “Lunch Through a Lens” session
  • “Elephant in the City” session
  • “Courageous Conversations” session
  • Project development in diverse neighborhoods
  • Executive Team meeting with community stakeholders
  • HBCU, POC, diverse interns working in the office
  • POC, diverse employees working in the office


Visual elements, colors, and graphic tone of the video will match the look and feel of the annual report. Crescent Communities’ corporate branding requirements will be adhered to and implemented.

Distribution Strategy

  • Crescent Communities’ website
  • Partner Organizations’ websites
  • Social media
  • EPK
  • Press Releases (include the link)
  • Email Marketing (e.g., Crescent Communities’ newsletter, diverse construction organizations’ newsletters)
  • Business presentations
  • Virtual outreach programs
  • Virtual DE&I sessions (via Accessible Virtual Event Production)
  • Career and MBE Trade Partner recruiting events
  • Online job, intern postings
  • DE&I sessions

Samples of Work

Capable and Certified

We have extensive experience in marketing, content strategy, graphic and web design, and video production.

Capability Statements

Our team has multiple socio-economic certifications including MBE, NC HUB, ACDBE, and DBE.